Manage Registry ActiveX Control

Manage Registry ActiveX Control

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Windows Registry is the centralized configuration database that holds system variables, installed applications' data, user preferences, hardware device configuration and lots more. In a sense, the Registry is a cornerstone of Windows operating system and, de facto, is present in all Windows operating systems (however, the structure, storing system and management may differ). Whenever the program developer considers to store own application's settings and options, he turns his attention to the Registry which is a natural container for this kind of data. Despite of the fact that Microsoft provides Windows API functions to create, open, delete and modify Registry keys and values it is not a simple task, especially for Visual Basic and ASP.

Based on the standard API, Manage Registry ActiveX Control offers convenient set of methods and properties to access the Registry and perform all necessary operations (create, open, edit, delete, etc.) over various types of data. There is no need to drill the low-level Windows API functions: Manage Registry ActiveX provides simple functions (CreateKey, OpenKey, GetValue, SetValue and so on) that any level developers can easily handle, extend and implement into any applications. To help Visual Basic and ASP.Net developers, Manage Registry ActiveX provides additional methods to handle VARIANT and BYTES data types.

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Manage Registry ActiveX Control


Manage Registry ActiveX Control

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